maandag 17 juni 2013

Kun jij ZIEN? niche, my specialty is... TO SEE. I am able to see things other people don't (seem to) see... meaning I am a ZIENer (ZIEN = to see in Dutch) and not a photographer, and I SEE at weddings, portraits in my studio or on location, baby, maternity photos, the whole lot. To be able to do all with my camera makes me a specialist, a professional, as I have a SKILL, which is to see and not to press the button. I am able to turn my vision into an IMAGE. Maybe we idd should loose the word photographer, as everyone is one.

Still...Everybody is looking (at life) but they don't SEE. Let me lead you in that process. Greetings from ZIENer Melanie (ziener also means prophet in English)

Spike, in reply to  Melanie Rijkers-MeRyan hour ago:
As a startup photographer this statement is without a doubt the best advice, have received ever....thank you so much. I have been making all of the common mistakes..... that a beginner makes, you have added fresh air to my approach to photography, helping drive me forward in my learning process.

Ik schreef de bovenstaande tekst op de website van petapixel, die stellen dat je een specialisatie moet doen om te kunnen overleven als fotograaf.

Het antwoord van ene 'Spike' toverde een grote glimlach op mijn gezicht. Ja, dat ben ik, inspirator, ZIENer, #ikzieikzie!

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  1. Pas maar op, dadelijk gaat er nog iemand een verband leggen tussen "ZIEN", "Z(I)EN", "ZEN".

    Je hebt helemaal gelijk maar voor je het weet wordt er meer achter je woorden gezocht dan je ooit zelf bedoeld hebt.